Monday, June 7, 2010

Day off DIY!

Alright, just to be honest, I recently found out what DIY stands for! I had been looking at so many DIY projects and I got inspired! Today is my day off so I want to be a bit creative. I had a wonderful weekend; I worked in the shop that our Church owns, then I helped at the Youth Cafe and yesterday I was able to teach the kids at Church about Jesus and Nicodemus! And to top it off, I went for a lovely walk to Westport House with some lovely ladies and their kids yesterday. So today I covered a couple of notebooks with some fabric that I got for dirt cheap. The owner of this fabric shop allowed me to go through all of his scrap material and then he let me take some of the discontinued sample material!! I'll be visiting that store more often! All I did was just glue the fabric over some cheap school notebooks. This is the outcome of this fun and easy project!