Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Christmas

It's Christmas!! Oh how I love this holiday so very much! But this year it is a bit different for me. The normal Christmas for me would be going to pick out a Christmas tree with my family, probably pick up a peppermint mocha on the way home, decorating it all together, going to the Christmas Eve service, having soup with the Kenneys, singing Christmas Carols, opening up our one present on Christmas Eve and it always being pajamas, watching A Christmas Story, and finally waking up on Christmas morning, reading Luke 2 and opening presents. Family is so important to me and I am daily amazed at how much God has blessed me with the family that I have! I am so grateful that my sister will be coming to Ireland for Christmas and New Years, but I will also be spending it with a different type of family. The family of Christ. These past 9 months I have really learned what it means to be apart of the family of Christ. Once we come to put our trust in Jesus Christ, we are adopted into his kingdom! What an amazing promise that is! So this Christmas holds something new and I am so grateful for that!
"I'm thankful that the church is also portrayed as a family-the family of God- because it takes our interdependence a step beyond the use of our interrelated gifts and mere function. A family, after all, is about loving relationships." -Barbara Hughes