Monday, June 7, 2010

Day off DIY!

Alright, just to be honest, I recently found out what DIY stands for! I had been looking at so many DIY projects and I got inspired! Today is my day off so I want to be a bit creative. I had a wonderful weekend; I worked in the shop that our Church owns, then I helped at the Youth Cafe and yesterday I was able to teach the kids at Church about Jesus and Nicodemus! And to top it off, I went for a lovely walk to Westport House with some lovely ladies and their kids yesterday. So today I covered a couple of notebooks with some fabric that I got for dirt cheap. The owner of this fabric shop allowed me to go through all of his scrap material and then he let me take some of the discontinued sample material!! I'll be visiting that store more often! All I did was just glue the fabric over some cheap school notebooks. This is the outcome of this fun and easy project!


  1. DIY .... DIY .... nope ... no idea what that means... and you didn't share.... but i LOVE the notebooks....

    Pe tah Pe tah pumkin eater!! :)

    glad you are doing so well.. they must LOVE you!! xoxo

  2. love the notebooks nik!!!!!!! sooooo cute and since you didnt enlighten the rest of your friends what DIY means, I will...
    DIY : Do It Yourself:)
    I miss you my sister but love hearing that God is using you everywhere! You should probably send me some scrap material if its that cheap:) I still need to send you some of my stuff too! Love you tons and keep blogging!!
    Love, Kelly

  3. Tee-hee. You can tell you've been in Europe for awhile. You're calling everything "Lovely."

  4. Perfect for journals!

  5. Guess I should have put the meaning of DIY in there! Thank you sister for explaining that! I was wearing my old headband the other day and I was thinking how I need a new one!!! Love you so much!!!

  6. Keep up the good work. Maybe you can make headbands too! Keep your eyes out for the "freebies"....you know who the actual giver of all things is! May you not grow weary in doing good!

  7. My creative gal is at it again! Your journals are very cute! Maybe you could sell them at the bookstore.

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